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Leonardo Leuci

Signature Cocktail
experience 29 years

Bar codex Leonardo Leuci

There is no bar without guests.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy is a place where the guest is the star, not the bartender.

Quality is my dogma.

Like a real gangster, I give my suppliers two chances. After a third mistake they are cut off.

I don't think about problems, I think about solutions.

Do not try to be the best bartender in the world, just try to be the best bartender for your guests every night.

Balance is the key in a drink, just like in life.

I'm working 15 to 16 hours a day... I think it's enough.

Fake bartenders, who have never worked behind the bar but gained seniority by YouTube, really sadden me. They are a bad influence on the young generation.

Do not copy other people, but let them inspire you.

I hate intoxicated bartenders on duty.

Super-premium fever really shocks me. Ninety percent of these brands are created by marketing...

Big corporations destroy our world by transforming fakes into reality.

I don't trust people without a strong background, there are too many bartenders that look like a super pro, but they are just smoke, a lot of smoke.

Bartenders have to be free to express themselves, but it is really important to put on some limits. For example, remind them that they are behind the bar for their guests and not for themselves.

I was not born with a shaker in my hands. It was a long journey and I have never stopped learning.

Try Negroni № flower cocktail by Leonardo Leuci

Try Negroni № flower cocktail by Leonardo Leuci

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