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Tim D. Philips

Signature Cocktail
experience 23 years

Bar codex Tim D. Philips

Never forget where you came from and where you want to be.

I don't trust people who don't drink.

To manage talented bartenders, keep their creativity up and egos down.

I rarely get angry, but when I do I just go silent.

To spend a lifetime as a winner when you have already won — treat alcohol with respect. Eat well, stay healthy and live well.

Now staying awake longer than midnight in the bar is tough because I’m getting old.

When you are standing behind the bar, the world often looks like a zoo.

My favorite subject at school was psychology.

By inventing the glass-polishing machine, one can easily change the bar industry.

If I would ever be asked to open a bar at the White House in Washington, I'd name it “The Thirst Amendment”.

I am always looking for balance of work and play in my life.

I run and cook every day.

Try Raspberry bramble cocktail by Tim D. Philips

Try Raspberry bramble cocktail by Tim D. Philips

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