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Thanos Prunarus

Signature Cocktail
experience 30 years

Bar codex Thanos Prunarus

The best advertising for a bar and alcohol is nothing but word of mouth and real quality.

You should love people, you should be full of patience.

I guess a bartender should be the best in everything.

The main benefit of the bar-back position is that everybody loves you and nothing can work without you.

I can forgive my bartenders, but never myself for losing presence of mind when it’s very busy.

Am I talented? I would rather say I'm a hard worker.

It is unbelievable, but nothing is impossible!

A bad supplier is no supplier.

There is a very vivid bar scene in Athens. I think the Athenian scene is now one of the biggest and most important in Europe.

To relieve stress after work, go to the after-hours bar of your town for a last Guinness and flirt without having to do it.

Try Jakarta daiquiri cocktail by Thanos Prunarus

Try Jakarta daiquiri cocktail by Thanos Prunarus

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