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Antonio Lai

Signature Cocktail
experience 23 years

Bar codex by Antonio Lai

We don't need mixology anymore, we need bartenders.

Ultimately the bar business is the guest who orders drinks and the emotions which we surround him with.

Never underestimate the power of good service and word of mouth.

I think a good bar menu consists of 10-15 house cocktails and no more than 20 classic cocktails.

Nobody worries about how much you know until the guests find out how important they are to you.

A good barman always worries about the guests, a bad one egotistically focuses on the drinks.

Manners are as important as before.

Robots will never replace barmen - drinks are served from the heart.

Positive energy is infectious - when the staff like their work and the team, the guests usually like the bar.

Want to know what the guests need? Speak with them!

Once a week I work at each of my bars to show the barmen that this is our joint work.

Barmen should definitely go work in other countries. Life starts when we are out of our comfort zones.

In order to master the basics of bar work you need 1-2 years, you need a lifetime to learn how to understand people.

Always remember you will never "learn more than you need".

Try Six-month barrel-aged manhattan cocktail by Antonio Lai

Try Six-month barrel-aged manhattan cocktail by Antonio Lai

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