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Michael Madrusan

Signature Cocktail
experience 29 years

Bar codex Michael Madrusan

I've never had moments when I wanted to throw it all in. I'm incredibly fortunate.

I listen to everyone and everything. And always look what bars do around the world. We influence each other.

Start at the bottom. Learn every aspect of the industry. I've worked all formats of bartending. They're all different and valuable. I've taken pieces from ball.

Even if the guests could not notice, I always see the slight imperfections; the ambience of the whole room and which tables are getting too drunk.

Our first day is the most memorable in the life of my bar. We went from rushing around to get everything finished in time in our construction clothes, to running home, having a shower and putting on a suit.

I take discipline very seriously and am completely meticulous about our methods and service.

My parents owned restaurants — I've been bartending since childhood.

The toughest part in mixology for me is to watch the arrogance in the industry. We are not saving lives, just focus on making your guests happy.

The administration side can be really exhausting. Paperwork and bills can pile up.

A good surprise would be someone proposing at the bar. The bad one for me — when things are breaking down.

My first lesson behind the bar — “Whatever happens, just keep the drinks coming, and, Michael, please stop drinking.”

Try Old fashioned № 2 cocktail by Michael Madrusan

Try Old fashioned № 2 cocktail by Michael Madrusan

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