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Josh Harris & Scott Baird

Signature Cocktail
experience 21 years

Bar codex Josh Harris & Scott Baird

Josh Harris (J. H.) You should forget about sanctity when you open your own bar.

Scott Baird (S. B.) My hours behind the stick have taught me what is patience and compassion.

J. H. Recommendation to those who wants to open their own bar - we do not need more the same, we need some more interesting.

S. B. Drunk people are like children, but they pay the bills.

J. H. We expect good prices for the brands that we like from our suppliers and to show their faces in the bar.

S. B. The worst thing that can happen to my bar is the guests felling unwelcome.

J. H. Mine desire to discover new things and places is the same that Columbus had.

J. H. Bar is like theater. And you are on the stage.

S. B. Fads are temporary, family is eternal.

J. H. Going into partnership when you open the bar is the same as getting married.

S. B. Belief makes me strong.

J. H. One day I will be sitting on the beach in the middle of nowhere and drinking virgin Pina colada.

Try Spaghetti western cocktail by Josh Harris & Scott Baird

Try Spaghetti western cocktail by Josh Harris & Scott Baird

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