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Mikael Karlsson

Signature Cocktail
experience 20 years

Bar codex Mikael Karlsson

Treat others as you want to be treated.

In any bar academy one cannot be taught to be speedy and be able to take care of guests in a personal way.

When I look at a guest, my most common thought is how I can make their night a little bit better.

How often you should put changes in a cocktail menu depends on the type of bar. We change our 9–10 drinks list every month and that is good for us.

I'm moody and restless!

There are lots of things that are difficult to force me to do.

Bartenders often pay more attention to what they want to mix, than to what guests want to drink.

Unfortunately ignorance in bars is quite common.

Sometimes when the bar gets a lot of attention and gets really crowded, the guests that were there from the start and made the bar nice, leave…

I like classic bars with quiet music and comfortable seats.

The ability to see every guest and their needs and to perform well under pressure differs a real professional bartender from an amateur one.

I will never sell my soul to the devil! Even if he offers me a bar.

After retirement, I plan to relax, have grandchildren, ride motorcycles and drink.

Try Zydeco cocktail by Mikael Karlsson

Try Zydeco cocktail by Mikael Karlsson

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