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Atsushi Suzuki

Signature Cocktail
experience 23 years

Bar codex Atsushi Suzuki

My goal is to not let my guests get too drunk to truly appreciate the taste of the drinks. It’s not control; I just want everyone to have a truly good time.

When I work, I’m always absolutely relaxed. Therefore, my guests relax, too. Of course, sometimes I get nervous, but I keep myself under control and know how to make myself relax.

I listen carefully to what my guests say at the bar. It helps me understand what they want and what I can give them.

The hardest thing in my work is when I have to drink with my guests, but I have a hangover.

A bartender is a rock star behind the bar. I always wanted to have a cool job. I thought about becoming a sushi chef, but in the end, I decided that bartenders are cooler.

Today, a bartender isn’t just a guy who pours drinks for his guests and drinks with them. I want everyone to understand that. Everyone respects chefs; I want everyone to treat our profession the same way, and for it to be truly prestigious.

My style is doing what nobody has ever done before me.

Of course, sometimes I drink too much while I’m working. "Sometimes" means roughly once a month, although I try not to. Then I just ask someone on the team to take my place.

When I hire a bartender, I never ask them to make a cocktail, and for me, their experience or skills aren’t important to me. We work as a team, so the most important thing is that I can rely on them.

I try not to behave like a boss – otherwise, my colleagues won’t be honest with me. That’s the most important thing. On our team, everyone is equal – we just have different tasks.

Signature Hit Atsushi Suzuki cocktail Napoleon Dynamite

Signature Hit Atsushi Suzuki cocktail Napoleon Dynamite

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