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Dohwan Eom & Jaejin Lim

Signature Cocktail

Bar codex by Dohwan Eom & Jaejin Lim

My strength is in the team.

Be creative, don't be like everybody else, and bankruptcy won't threaten you.

The best advice I can give is to practise, practise and practise.

The wisdom of a barman is in his experience.

Money is just a means of achieving goals.

Life becomes simpler when you a have a dream

Never say 'no' to the guests.

Drunk guests are the only risk in our profession

It is simple to be a good boss - you need to be a good partner with common sense

I always follow three rules: first the bar works for the guests, then for the staff and then for me.

Authenticity is the main thing to aim for.

I will never regret the choices I've made.

A guest is an inspiration for a barman.

Try Lost virginity cocktail by Dohwan Eom & Jaejin Lim

Try Lost virginity cocktail by Dohwan Eom & Jaejin Lim

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