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Shawn Soole

Signature Cocktail
experience 28 years

Bar codex Shawn Soole

Frankly speaking, I love my job.

If you truly want your dream, then you will tighten your belt and live slim for the few years it takes to achieve your goals. I suggest living off your pay cheque and keeping your tips aside if you want to open your bar.

Money is a big part of the restaurant business that people don't understand fully.

My bartenders expect more from me than I expect from myself. In return I expect the same.

In the role of general manager, never show your weaknesses. Your staff should always see someone who is strong and knows what he is doing.

Arguing with me is usually a bad idea.

I hate dealing with drunks. If you can't hold your liquor, then you shouldn't be drinking. Having dignity in the way you drink is far more important then how much you can drink.

What's the difference between the construction of a new bar and pregnancy? Absolutely nothing. When you think you have had enough, you have to push harder.

Your first kiss is something that will stay with you forever. I can't remember my first cocktail.

My wife makes me strong, she is amazing and always tells me if I am doing well or when I have screwed up.

We don't really follow trends but try and do our own thing whether it was trendy five years ago or isn't yet.

I haven't opened all the concepts of restaurants that I want to do yet.

My working day usually starts at 9 a.m. doing paperwork, and then at 1 a.m. I finish work.

To relieve stress after work: watch The Simpsons and drink beer and whisky.

Try Drunk uncle cocktail by Shawn Soole

Try Drunk uncle cocktail by Shawn Soole

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