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Daniele Dalla Pola

Signature Cocktail
experience 35 years

Bar codex Daniele Dalla Pola

If you want to get the brand manager drunk, just give him three Zombies.

There is no difference between a bartender and a priest. Both are missionaries.

I officially invite the following top models to work in my bar: Claudia, Naomi, Linda and Carla as a bar-back.

All the homemade stuff should be immediately permitted in all bars in the world.

Not a single bartender can not be ready for a pool party.

The bar counter's length for sure plays a big role in measurements of a bartender's awesomeness.

Actually guests are paying for great cocktails in the bars.

If Tiki culture loses pineapples one day, we'll still have coconuts.

Research, innovation and a passion for Exotic Rum Rhapsody certainly make my bartenders more active.

I learn every single day.

If you serve people from the Mafia, don't forget about the Godfather cocktail.

All of us are influenced by money.

Try Manoa cocktail by Daniele Dalla Pola

Try Manoa cocktail by Daniele Dalla Pola

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