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Greg Sanderson

Signature Cocktail
experience 24 years

Bar codex Greg Sanderson

Don't hire friends for just being your friend. Hire people on what they can offer to your business.

One of the dangerous traps when you open the bar is over investing on the outfit and not being able to afford it for the first few months at least. You should start the venture with a very accurate budget and stick to it.

When you are going to open your bar, don't worry about being scared — that is natural when taking such a risk. It means you are thinking things through properly.

When all the stars aline so, you’ll feel that it’s right time to open your own bar.

Today the market is so competitive that all efforts must be made to give your guests a unique experience.

Your guest's happiness is your number 1 priority.

If I would have a time machine I would take a chance to work in the bar at Waldorf Astoria.

I think people are just generally more in the mood for cocktails in colder weather.

If Jerry Thomas had been born in Australia, Blue Blazer would be made with Bundy rum, not whisky.

Some rums make great cocktails, but if they are super-expensive they price themselves out of being used regularly in cocktails.

My advice of the bar’s owner is always do what you are told and work hard.

If a guest orders a rum and coke and the guest next to him orders a single malt whisky, they should get a different glass.

Any bartender who has the passion will be able to teach you something.

Try Foreign legion cocktail by Greg Sanderson

Try Foreign legion cocktail by Greg Sanderson

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