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Shingo Gokan

Signature Cocktail
experience 18 years

Bar codex Shingo Gokan

I do not have kids, but I think that open your bar is the same as to have your first kid.

Hospitality, concept and purity are main components of a great bar.

Passion to open your own bar is much more important than eduction.

Find a good location for your bar and then think what concept will work in the surroundings.

I’ve just started managing 2 bars on different continents, so I do not have ready solution. But you definitely have to have great head bartender.

I try not to get angry cause the next day I always regret.

Speakeasy’s are the entertainment for the guest. You can drink legally but still the hidden concept works.

Japaneese people are all shy, even the bartenders.

Nobody knew me till I’ve won in the global competition. I was very lucky.

My friend got so shit faced last week, that he has fallen asleep with ice cream in his bed. On the next morning — cone was still in his hand.

«Ramen» soup is my secret weapon from hangover. And soba also.

Try April in paris cocktail by Shingo Gokan

Try April in paris cocktail by Shingo Gokan

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