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Dimitris Kiakos

Signature Cocktail
experience 27 years

Bar codex Dimitris Kiakos

Give your guests the feeling that your bar is their „home“ and it will be a long-living story.

Cocktails are like top models — just because there is a fancy garnish, it doesn't mean it tastes good!

If you want to increase your sales — keep the quality of service high and the prices low.

You always have to keep a straight line between a bartender and a guest.

Only one thing can destroy the bar business all around the world — juniper mould that threatens world supplies of gin!

Owning a bar, you can never be sure about your holidays.

Even in the hardest times, there is always an opportunity to do your job even better and make a difference.

What drink would I offer to the first mermaid ever caught? Well, gin for the lady and tonic for the fish.

A dash of bitters helps to get a lady out of the stress and I'm sure she's gonna forget about everything!

My longest shift behind the bar lasted 14 hours. It was really fun but I won't do it again.

Guests are looking for a warm smile and a good drink, and I think somewhere between these two things is the real bar truth.

Try Jakarta daiquiri cocktail by Dimitris Kiakos

Try Jakarta daiquiri cocktail by Dimitris Kiakos

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