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Giacomo Giannotti

Signature Cocktail
experience 14 years

Bar codex Giacomo Giannotti

When I was little, I wanted to become one of those smart, handsome, and suave guys behind the bar! I always thought that it’s one of the most stylish and artistic professions.

I like speakeasy bars because guest come there with a purpose – they’re ready to put some energy into finding the right door.

We don’t sell cocktails, but full-fledged experiences instead. For that reason, the presentation is just as important as the taste.

It’s a very difficult profession. In reality, bartenders don’t have a normal life. You have to constantly devote all your time and energy to work.

It’s impossible to get the perfect flavor on your first try. That just doesn’t happen. Any cocktail is the result of a series of trials and errors.

For me, the most important is to be elegant, but at the same time constantly impress your guests.

The most complex thing in my work is clients. Sometimes it seems that they come to bars just to ruin our lives. You have to be very, very patient every day.

If a guest is rude with me, I just tell him, “Listen, you’re in a bad mood and I’m trying to improve it. If you don’t want that, I’m sorry.”

I often try to get in my guests’ heads and think like they do, in order to give them what they want.

Signature Hit Giacomo Giannotti cocktail Tiki Monkey

Signature Hit Giacomo Giannotti cocktail Tiki Monkey

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