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Mauro Mahjoub

Signature Cocktail
experience 39 years

Bar codex Mauro Mahjoub

Once you try out being a bartender, you will never stop.

Never say “no” to customers! There is always a better diplomatic answer.

A defeated bartender is one who could not satisfy his guests.

To catch inspiration for creating cocktails, don't forget to drink one beforehand.

Travel and discover to stay innovative and up to date, to keep your bar toned.

To become a bar manager, a bartender has to assume more responsibilities in the bar.

To win brands trust you only need to work hard.

To encourage bartenders, just teach them the tricks of the trade.

If it comes to penalties — better to discuss first and only then react.

Cash systems and ice machines are the most amazing technological breakthroughs that have appeared in bars lately.

The best compliment you can hear in the bar is that your guest is satisfied with his evening spent with us.

Try Abc frappe cocktail by Mauro Mahjoub

Try Abc frappe cocktail by Mauro Mahjoub

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